Pedro Chicherchio

I am 62yo, working as System Analyst from 1974. I got the passion for electronics and radio from my grand father and from my father, and I learned so much with everyone of them. Only in 2011 I got time in my life to devote myself to the HAM hobby, and my main motivator is the technical part of amateur radio. I'm still an amateur radio and electronics fan, but because of my QTH, I need a little more research on antennas and noise filters.

Chidata WebRadio – Virtual Radio Station

This is my application to work as a DJ / WebRadio, capable to send send the content to SHOUTCAST@/ICECAST@ servers, as source. The code was developed using Delphi RAD 10.3, and the objective was have a source code to work in future. That version lack a lot of features, and I will continue the development in future. Anyway, this is free, and can be download from here.

No reverse engineering used anywhere. All functions developed by me.


Little noise filter for DC

I just found, after research for a very long time, this quite simple Noise Filter for DC sources, and it works as a miracle for my rigs.

New Call ID!

Utility to calculate need of a lightning rod

A single calculator for needs of a Lightning rod for some specific region. All parameters in metric notation. This uses English Language, works with both local legislation and direct measurements ( that works better for me ).

Lightning Rod Calculator

You should have the Number of days with thunderbolt for the first window named “Thunder Days” or the number for lightning density for your regions, to the second window named “Ligthning Density”.

Then, you must enter the dimensions for your house:

largura = height, comprimento = width, altura = tall

Download it from here.


A single QSL Card Editor

This is a new release of the QSL Card Editor, with some new functions, formatting and dialogs to choose Fonts.

I just finished the programming and primary tests over this QSL Card Editor for Windows platform, that I post here. A help file explanning how to use is included , but I suppose the interface is very intuitive.

This is a sample of the QSL Card produced:

Updated on 2014, January-09, to allow blank cards without images.

If you are interested, this is the download link.

Any suggestion and comments are welcome.



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